Marketing Analytics Studio

MAS is a collection of analytics and predictive web applications for marketing and media sciences developed by Sapience Consultancy.

The studio consist of four main tools:

Mix: is an interactive MMM application. With few clicks, users can perform extensive MMM exercises, hence reducing processing effort and time. The tool features advanced transformation functions especially those related to media variables (such as adstock and diminishing returns) and contains an auto-modeler and simulator.

MTA: A Multi-touch attribution tool based on probabilistic modeling and Markov Chains. Models the customer journey through all channels using predictive analysis and compares different attribution methods such as first and last click. The data needs to be collected on an individual and session level for this tool to work.

Optimize: A tool that optimize spends across paid channels. Users can use return data from previous exercises to determine how much should be allocated on each media/channel to reach a certain goal. The tool also features advanced modeling of CPA based on market share between brands and propensity to shift in the market,

AB Evaluate: The purpose of this tool is to use the user inputs prior bounds on conversion rate and conversion value) to estimate an acceptable absolute error in campaign value. This acceptable error rate is used to pick campaign sizes that ensure the campaign chosen has a good probability of being close to the best choice in terms of relative error.

Maximum – Marketing Mix Modeling APP

Maximum is an analytics and predictive web application designed for marketing mix modeling and media science. The tool is user-friendly, fast, interactive and response reactive. With a few clicks, analysts may perform extensive marketing mix modeling exercises, hence reducing processing time and manual work. The tool contains an auto-modeler, simulation, optimizer, and AB testing.

What it takes to be a Data Scientist?

It is an exciting time to become a data scientist; because data is growing exponentially and is becoming the most significant assets of companies today. Data science is one of the hottest careers in the twenty-first century!

Data scientists are usually solvers of complicated business problems; they do so by playing around with data to provide value for the business. They analyze the past and forecast the future. It is like being an investigative journalist, digging deep into data looking for patterns and insights that would have a dramatic effect throughout the company.

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