Risk Management and Cybersecurity

Organizations are challenged to find a proper balance between alleviating risk and allocating an adequate investment on risk management. It is always better if managers and IT professionals identify threats before they occur and try to entirely avoid them. Nevertheless, in case of occurrence, managers have to be proactive in controlling risks before they becomeContinue reading “Risk Management and Cybersecurity”

Data and Data Visualization

Concepts of data visualization: Data visualization brings data from computers to life. It provides a graphical representation by bringing shapes and colors to display quantified information, hence aiding humans in perceiving and understanding data to make informed business decisions. With data visualization, people can delve into a wealth of information, discover patterns and keep trackContinue reading “Data and Data Visualization”

Future Cities and Big Data

The line between what we conceive to be reality and science-fiction is becoming thinner as technology continues to advance. If we can open a wormhole to the time dimension and transport an average human from the eighteenth century to our current date, there will be no doubt that everything would seem to be supernatural inContinue reading “Future Cities and Big Data”