Future Cities and Big Data

The line between what we conceive to be reality and science-fiction is becoming thinner as technology continues to advance. If we can open a wormhole to the time dimension and transport an average human from the eighteenth century to our current date, there will be no doubt that everything would seem to be supernatural in his or her point of view. Now, what if we could extend this wormhole so that we jump into the mid-twenty-first century? What we would see and how we would conceive things? One matter of fact is that cities won’t be the same.


The city of the future will be smart and built on big data and information technology. As long as technology continues to advance, cities will persist in becoming more intelligent, more connected, sustainable, fun and safe. Smart cities will probably think like human brains where artificial intelligence and internet of things will occupy the most prominent part of our daily lives.Continue reading “Future Cities and Big Data”

True multi channel intelligence solution for retailers: “Seeketing Nodes”

Customers today demand a consistent and personalized purchase experience across all channels: physical, web, and mobile. In this new multichannel environment, retailers are faced with the difficulty to access the shopping experience that occurs in online channels.

Sapience Consultancy partners with Seeketing to bring to the Middle East an offline consumer behavior integrated with the use of mobile devices. A unique cross-channel solution (offline + online + mobile) that allows stores, malls, showrooms to communicate through online (web) and mobile campaigns and measure the effectiveness and conversion at the point of sale.


The technology provides a coherent and integrated solution based on mobile technology (WiFi and Bluetooth), which allows the tracking of visitors either online or at the physical location. This facilitates the understanding of the full shopper funnel while also offering the capability to push targeted communications to clients when visiting the location.

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Omnichannel Analytics, Marketing and Communication Solution for Retailers


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